Ordering Bouquets

Although most of our floral arrangements are sold at the Eno River Farmers Market in downtown Hillsborough, we also sell custom bouquets.  These bouquets are designed per a customer’s request and delivered or picked up on non-market days.  We create unique arrangements for weddings, anniversaries, showers, birthdays, etc.  This web page explains how to order custom bouquets using this web site.

All of the flowers used in our bouquets are grown without the use of chemical sprays at our home in Hillsborough NC.  Because our flowers are locally grown, many flowers are only available during certain times of the year.  For example, in NC, peonies bloom in the spring and so we could not design a peony arrangement in the summer or fall. 

How to request a custom arrangement via e-mail

1. Using the “Seasonal Bouquets” drop down menu, select the season in which you want the flowers.

2. Scroll thru the “thumb-nail” photos and when you see an arrangement you like, double click on the photo. A larger view of the arrangement appears showing the approximate date the flowers were cut.

3. Copy the page URL (address of the web page) from the search window of your browser and paste it into an e-mail to [email protected]

4. In your e-mail, include the URLs for several bouquets that you like and any additional information that would be helpful.  Some photos might illustrate color combinations that you prefer.  Other photos might show the style and size of the arrangement that you are interested in.

5. Bouquet prices are determined by the size and style of the custom arrangement but most are priced between $25-$100.

                          Wedding Bouquet                                                                                     Baby Shower

Wedding Bouquet Baby Shower