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My customers love the diversity of the flowers that I bring to market, but often, are not familiar with them. As a result, I am developing this gallery of flower photographs to help flower lovers become more aware of unique flowers that can be grown locally. Hopefully, by the end of the 2016 growing season, we will have several hundred photographs of familiar and not so common flowers that we grow in our flower fields. To view the names of the flowers, either double click on a photograph or select the slideshow option.

The photographs in this gallery were taken by Ray, who has taken up photography as a hobby, in part because of all of the flowers we grow. Ray particularly enjoys floral macro photography, close-ups that capture the beauty of flowers through focusing on shape, color, texture, and patterns. He is in the process of establishing his own web site, Ray Tice Photography.
ColumbineAnemoneAnemoneBachelor ButtonBellflowerBellflowerBluebellCalla LilyCentureaColumbineCosmosCosmosCoreopsisCorn CockleDahliaDianthusDianthus April 24, 2015DianthusDigitalisDill